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Sunday, May 31, 2009

and the last ones...

and the last ones.....

And more.....

and more....

A few more....

Here are a few more....

Couple of Layouts from Last Night!

Here are a couple of layouts i've done. I'll post more later. It's wash day, so I'm posting between loads.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

I'm so excited. Chip just said I could go to a crop at Archiver's tonight. So, I'll get to catch up on all Jenny's challenges. Liz here I come. LOL. I get 6 whole hours of uninterupted crop time. I'm soooooooooooo freaking excited.

I had been so sick I got behind one week and I'm still 9 behind. But I should have them all done and posted to jenny by midnight tonight. Whew, this is an awesome challenge. Keep up the good work Jenny. If you haven't checked out her blog, you need to..... we would love to have more entrys for the Jumbled alphabet (well not really) but Jenny would. LOL! Here is the link to her blog.... Jennys Blog.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Last year I saw this posted on the Message board and saved the link for this year. I had so much fun making it. Lisa This is the altered paint can. It's a teacher survival kit I got from the Cricut Messageboard last year. Here is the link Teacher Survivial Kit.

Post -its - "To remind you that this class sticks together"
Pencil - "You are one sharp teacher."
Lifesavers - " Some days you are one, and some days you need one."

Notepad - "Just a note to let you know you are appreciated."

Gold Fish Crackers - " Open when you've ofFISHally had enough."
Gum - "To remind you that you are worth a MINT."
Kleenex - "To wipe the tears..... yours and theirs."
Starburst -"To give you a burst of energy when you need it."

Hand sanitizer - " You're always giving us a hand."

Hershy Bar with almonds - " Open in case of a chocolate emergency for when they're driving you nuts."

This is a stationary set for his EIP teacher.

These are post it note for his specials teachers. (PE, Art, Music, Computer)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Robby!

When Aunt T. passed away, Grandma gave you a rose bush and told you everytime it blooms Aunt T. is sending you kisses from heaven. You sure had a lot of kisses on your birthday from Aunt T. I bet Nana sent you some too.

Challenge over at Just Buggin and Stampspiration

This is a layout from a trip we took to the Tellus Museum a Rock and Mineral Museum near our house. I hope you Enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to Mom

My mom passed away 5 years ago. I still miss her terribly. I've had this picture on my desk for atleast that many years. It is the last Mother's Day picture we took together. I really wanted to make a flower pot card, but didn't have anyone to give one to. So I cut it down a tad from Dawn's Video over at Dawn's Stampin Studio. I cut the demensions down to 2 1/2 x 7 and scored at 1" and 3" to make the flower pot. It's a hidden journaling box. I hope you enjoy.
Happy Mother's Day Mom! I miss you so much!

Class project from Just Buggin

Jenny had a class a while back where you had to use a shape on a page. I used Sports mania for the baseball and baseball field on these two layouts. I think these are some of my favorite layouts using my cricut. Thanks Jenny!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

5/8 Challenge

Here is the challenge from 5/8. I need more challenges, so I can finish these baseball layouts, not many more pictures left.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jenny's 5/6 and 5/7 Challenges

Ok, it appears every layout I create is a Dodger's layout. Jenny has some great challenges over at her blog. Every one I look at I see baseball, well finally the 5/7 layout I decided to branch and and pull out different pictures for it. Enjoy.

Challenge #5 - One more baseball

Challenge #6 - Not baseball yayayaya!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jenny's 5/5 Challenge

Here is Jenny's Challenge from today. I'm going to give it the ole college try and do all her challenges this month.

Jenny's 5/4 Challenge

My friend Jenny on Stampin Up blog has challenges all week. And she's giving away a Jumble Alphabet. Check out her site, and try one of her challenges, here is Jenny's Blog.

And here is my take on her first challenge. I also incorporated Robyn's Challenge #9 in the title All Star. It's all mixed up with different carts.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Robyn's Challenge #8

Here is my last for tonight. Christines card sketch callenge. I embossed the button, not sure I like them, but they will have to do.

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