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Saturday, May 23, 2009

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Last year I saw this posted on the Message board and saved the link for this year. I had so much fun making it. Lisa This is the altered paint can. It's a teacher survival kit I got from the Cricut Messageboard last year. Here is the link Teacher Survivial Kit.

Post -its - "To remind you that this class sticks together"
Pencil - "You are one sharp teacher."
Lifesavers - " Some days you are one, and some days you need one."

Notepad - "Just a note to let you know you are appreciated."

Gold Fish Crackers - " Open when you've ofFISHally had enough."
Gum - "To remind you that you are worth a MINT."
Kleenex - "To wipe the tears..... yours and theirs."
Starburst -"To give you a burst of energy when you need it."

Hand sanitizer - " You're always giving us a hand."

Hershy Bar with almonds - " Open in case of a chocolate emergency for when they're driving you nuts."

This is a stationary set for his EIP teacher.

These are post it note for his specials teachers. (PE, Art, Music, Computer)

1 comment:

Magoo said...

This is just one AWESOME project! Thank you for the idea, I think I will do this for my DD's teacher this year! :)

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