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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Zippy Zac is in the house.

Our Elf on a Shelf, Zippy Zac made his appearance tonight. He keeps my son in check through the holiday season, he seems to turn into a deamon during the Holidays at school. So Zippy Zac does the trick. He always stops into my craft room (just like Santa) to make his card for my son. This year he even used my brand new Cricut Cartridge, which I haven't even used yet, I just got it yesterday. He only uses supplies that are left on my desk. This year he had a lot to choose from, and oh my I think he used every piece of DSP that was on my table. Looks like it threw up color. My son, says... "Boy he sure is creative". Inside he told him he needed to read two more books for his challenge at school, and he would bring him a special present. (So a little bribery here). He also told him he needed to buy me a new white gel pen for Christmas. Mine seems to be skipping a lot lately :)

I hope you enjoy the card and my story.


Cynthia Ferenz said...

ROFLOL! Very clever! I remember getting a little Zippy Zac character for Christmas when I was little. He sure has grown since then - LOL!

Sam said...

Love this cute little elf card, and the lovely story too Lisa! I've never seen Zippy Zac before, I don't know if he has made it to Australia yet.

Best wishes for Christmas.

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